Auto Forum & Business Day is an attempt to reinstate the strategy of gathering all the most important managers of the Polish automotive industry at one place and time. Striving to expand our offering, we propose a new format, namely a combination of two separate projects: first open automotive conference organised in Poland which, all along since the year 2002, has always put representatives of the industry together and inspired those willing to organise similar events and B2B meetings.

Auto Forum subject matter

The event will be focused on various problems important to companies and managers, connected with several spheres, such as management, legal framework, condition of the automotive industry, outsourcing, process optimisation, maintenance and production.


Participation benefits

Participation in Auto Forum and Business Day is an opportunity to meet potential partners at one location and time, and a perfect occasion to exchange experiences and expand the portfolio of business contacts.


Business Day subject matter

The main subjects discussed on Business Day will include those affecting cooperation. A short panel of presentations will reflect problems pertaining to purchasing, significant customer requirements and expectations or purchasing procedures.


Auto Forum awards

Auto Forum awards will be granted during this year’s event following a decision to be made by the award committee composed of representatives of the industry and public institutions.